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Beechcraft A36 Bonanza

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  • What can we say? The A36 Bonanza is the gold standard of cross country airplanes. It has 6 seats with club seating, a spacious clamshell doors for easy ingress/egress and Air Conditioning! It's 300hp IO-550 engine has plenty of power to climb and cruise at speeds much faster than most other GA airplanes. It also boasts tip tanks that will allow you to skip a fuel stop. It's truly a remarkable airplane.
  • 24V has had an amazing panel ugrade with all the bells and whistles. Dual G3X Touch screens, Engine Monitoring, GFC 500 autopilot ADS-B In/Out, Flightstream, backup G5, and a couple USB charging ports for good measure.
  • Once you start flying a Bonanza it will be hard to go back. They are wonderfully responsive airplanes with great performance.

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