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Piper Cherokee 180-N747PK

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In 1962, Piper added the Cherokee 180 (PA-28-180) powered by a 180-horsepower (134-kW) Lycoming O-360 engine. The extra power made it practical to fly with all four seats filled (depending on passenger weight and fuel loading), and the model remains popular on the used-airplane market. In 1968, the cockpit was modified to replace the "push-pull" style engine throttle controls with quadrant levers. In addition, a third window was added to each side, giving the fuselage the more modern look seen in current production.*

  • Solid 4 seat airplane with enough useful load to carry people and fuel.
  • Great Instrument training platform and economical to fly.
  • In Piper's line of aircraft that build on pilots abilities with extra range and horse power as they gain more experience.

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